Lulung Painters' Camp

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” Jerzy Kosinski

For millennia, humans have expressed their history, culture, and creativity through art. Cave paintings are the biggest storytellers; they weave the stories of yesterday's man vividly that tablets and parchments can't narrate. We have grown listening to the legendary tales of Leonardo Da Vinci and Ravi Varma and have had the fortune of revelling at their masterpieces. But more than that, art has not only been about self expression, but also an account of one's society and surroundings. It has not only helped us rellive their story, but also empowered us to protect it.

We at Lulung realise this power of art very well. As a proud and responsible dwellers of Simlipal, we are determined to tell our story to the world. Thus, Lulung Painters' Camp is our way of reaching out to the world to inform and excite them about the art, culture and traditions of Simlipal Biosphere. Painters’ camp is organized every year at Lulung, deep inside the Simlipal biosphere reserve forest in association with Ketaki Foundation Trust, Bhubaneswar. Various artists of repute, working in different spheres, come together to collaborate and create individual works, and have inspiration drawn from each other’s background, nature, and tradition among other things. The camp will also play host to a series of interactive sessions with local school children, seminars and discussions pertaining to cultural and artistic exchange.


DAY 1: Painters arrive. Inauguration in the evening
DAY 2: Tour the neighbourhood. Waterfalls, Riverside and Nearby Attractions
DAY 3: Begin the morning fresh with Yoga and go on a Jungle Trail with local expert.
DAY 4:  Visit to Local School - Painting Workshop and Interaction with school children.
DAY 5: Exchange of ideas with Folk Musicians and Dancers and concluding Ceremony.

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