Artist Residency


Wordsworth had said that poetry is a result of spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected at tranquility. These are some words which can exactly describe art too. A painting is a self expression resulting from the various factors around oneself. While inspiration can come from anywhere, the place where you get to work has to be a conducive and peaceful environment. If you are an artist looking for a little time and space to create, away from the stress and noise of everyday life, we’ve got you covered.

ARTIST RESIDENCY is a four week residency program by Lulung Aranya Nivas for emerging artists, driven to explore ways in which their work can be applied to the community. The program aims to provide a rural, community-based open platform for creativity to unfold. Artists can stay at our forest resort in Simlipal and create a unique atmosphere and entirely new environment where they can develop their artwork free from accustomed distractions.


If you are a skilled artist in either of the following areas - painting, photography, music, video/ short film, documentary, animation, architecture - you are welcome to apply!

  • Selection is based on significance, scope, geography and timing of the respective artist's previous works.
  • Please email your work samples to us. After being selected, artists will be notified by email.

Check out our detailed information for further clarifications.

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