About Silverpine Hospitality

Silverpine Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is a startup with a unique idea to develop leisure tourism in Odisha, India. As part of its venture, its first project is Lulung Aranya Niwas which is in a Public Private Participation (PPP) mode with the department of Tourism Govt. of Odisha and aims to:
  • Create value out of our heritage, destinations and natural eco-systems.
  • Improve the visibility and popularity of our lesser known tourist destinations.
  • Develop lean asset-based property for the tourism sector.
  • Create the best guest experience.
  • Participate in sustainable tourism.


To become the prime hospitality provider for destination tourism in the state of Odisha.


To provide the most enjoyable, comfortable and unique experience to our guests, in a sustainable, honest and transparent way.

Our Team

Our team comprising of business leaders, hospitality domain experts, consultants & associates are committed to drive change and bring in a difference in the hospitality sector. The core team engages in background study of each project site, gauges its thematic perspective and offers customized and tailor-made solutions backed by in-depth experience.