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Simlipal derives its name from the word 'semul' meaning Red Silk Cotton, referring to the abundance of the trees in the region. Vastly spread over an area of 2750 sq. km, the place is doted with mesmerising waterfalls, high plateaus and hills. The place is rich with flora and fauna, flaunting its biodiversity at every turn. Simlipal houses over a daunting 1000 species of plants, with the vegetation being a mix of tropical moist deciduous trees and semi-evergreen patches. The region is equally important for its fauna. Tigers, leopards, elephants, hill mynahs, chital, sambar and more than 300 species of birds call Simlipal their home. There are also a great number of amphibians, reptiles, and invertibrae present here. Apart from flora and fauna, Simlipal is also the shelter of various tribes including Kolha, Santhala, Bhumija, Bhatudi, Gondas, Khadia, Mankadia and Sahara.

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Recognising the importance of the place, the Government of India declared the place a Wildlife Santuary in 1979. Simlipal also became a Biosphere under UNESCO's Man and Biosphere programme bringing the domestic and the wild together in one fold of management and reducing the dependency of people on the forest to help conserve the place. Simlipal was also one of the earliest places to be declared as a Tiger Reserve, in 1973.

Activities at Lulung Aranya Nivas


We organise a short nature walk on request, through a trail just outside the property. You are invited to take your time walking along this trail amid hues of greens beyond imagination. Listen to soothing sounds - from the burble of the river Palpala to the chirping sound of the birds. Feel the crunch of dried leaves under your feet, and breathe the cool air filled with the fragrance of the forest. Our local guides with their traditional ecological knowledge, help you to engage in various activities in the forest.

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The Simlipal Bioreserve is a treasure trove of flora and fauna. It is home to a great number of birds unique to the subcontinent, while also hosting a number of migratory species from other continents as well. Witness the beauty and majesty of the birds in their most natural state. There are about two hundred and thirty species of birds that call Simlipal their home, including Red Jungle Fowls, Hill Mynahs, Peafowls, Alexandrine Parakeets, Grey Hornbills, Indian Pied Hornbills, Malabar Pied Hornbills, Indian Trogon, and Crested Serpent Eagles.


Trekking is one of the most exhilarating ways to discover nature. These expeditions, under the expert guidance of our in-house local tour guide in Aranya Nivas Lulung, offer an up-close look at the rich biodiversity of the Simlipal Tiger Reserve forest. The treks feature rare views of the forest and the river Palpala from vantage viewpoints, adventurous trails, and exquisite waterfalls.

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Lulung Aranya Nivas is a vast resort with paths meandering through the lush green lawns and gardens. During your digital detoxification at Lulung Aranya Nivas, you can get back to the roots of happiness and healthy lifestyle by opting to go cycling. Pick your choice among the cycles, put on the necessary protective gears, and off we go on a refreshing experience, one step closer to being physically hale and hearty.


If a rush of adrenaline is what you're looking for, then the Adventure Sports activities at our resort are your go-to choice. Grit your teeth, exert your muscles and overcome your fears as you balance yourselves on rope cable bridges, go hurtling across zip lines and many more. Discover your raw side!

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Lulung Aranya Nivas takes pride in the cultural richness of the state and the locality. Unfortunately, many awe-inspiring art forms get overshadowed in time and die away. Jhumar and Chhau dances are important art forms that originated in the Eastern part of India. Lulung Aranya Nivas is happy to play its role in bringing these gems to the limelight. Get immersed in a never-before-seen spectacle of these lesser-known tribal dances. Reconnect with the past!


Huddle around the cosy bonfire and share stories of old. Tales of the local tribes and age-old legends of their heroics can be heard as you gather around the roaring fire. Dance around and make merry as you spend quality time around the soothing flames of the bonfire.

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Yoga at Lulung Aranya Nivas


Stretch your limbs, feel the energy of the universe flowing through you and become one with nature as you immerse yourself in yoga activities at our resort grounds. Let the cool warmth of the sun rejuvenate and the calm air revitalize your body, mind and soul.