Lulung Photography Contest


The Entry is open to guests who have stayed or booked rooms at Lulung Aranya Nivas in this period only.

Interested aspirants are invited to participate in this contest by submitting their entries under the following terms & conditions available at our website

Submission period:
Your photo should be sent via email at between 15th February 2021 to 15th December 2021. Entries submitted before or after the specified dates will not be eligible.

Portrait (Click the Face / People), Landscape (Click the Land), and Wildlife (Click the Wild).

Award Categories

The prizes shall be distributed in three categories: Grand prize for the winner as selected by the Panel, 2 nos of People’s Choice winners, and 10 certificates of appreciation.
Entries will be judged completely on the basis of originality, technical excellence, and artistic merit by three juries of Eminent National Wildlife photographers, Nalla Muthu, Anu Marwah & Asish Dhir.

With support and collaboration from :
Ketaki Foundation Trust, Bhubaneswar

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