Photography Contest


As the usual saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Photos convey an idea better than a clump of words put together as a paragraph. They help us document the intricate moments of every walks of life while they also stand testimony to the occurrences and events. Digital expansion of the world has helped people better express themselves to the world as a creator.

Stand a chance to tell the world, your capabilities as a photographer. On your way to that, inspire several people, appeal to their senses and emotion and help them to take a liking towards what they want. If you have an eye for a good shot and scene, you can click a picture that will send a loud message of awareness. Interested aspirants, whether you be a professional photographer or someone who just loves taking photos, are invited to participate in this contest by submitting their entries.

Jury Members


Anu Marwah

Nalla Muthu

Nalla Muthu

Ashis Dhir

Ashis Dhir


If you are an interested candidate, you are always welcome to try your hand at this.

  • Submit your sample photos to between 15 February 2021 to 15 December 2021.
  • Images will be judged based on their originality, technical expertise and the foremost - artist merit.


  • First prize: Rs 25000/- cash prize or a three-night free stay in Lulung
  • First runner up: Rs 15000/- or a two-night free stay at Lulung
  • Second runner up: Rs 10000/- and a one-night free stay at Lulung
Apart from this, ten more contestants will also be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and all the selected images will be featured on our website or promotional activities and will be displayed in a week-long exhibition.

Check out the detailed information below for further clarifications.